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St. Agnes Catholic Church
 Marriage Preparation 
Getting Started With Your Wedding
Congratulations on your engagement! We look forward to celebrating your marriage with you! This process involves several steps and encompasses the new Marriage Preparation policy adopted by the parish council with approval given by the Pastor.

In the meantime, here is some important information regarding the steps couples need to take if they wish to hold their weddings at St. Agnes Church:

  1. Interview with the Pastor: The first step is meeting with our Pastor, Fr. Vince Parsons, who will review the preparation process with you and the documentation required. You can also discuss setting a wedding date at this time. Please contact Fr. Vince at 308-632-2541 or by email at to set up your appointment.
  2. Complete the FOCCUS Inventory: This inventory - Facilitating Open Couple Communication - gives us an opportunity to look at all facets of marriage. It is a helpful tool that is computer-scored and then sent back for review. At this time, you will meet again with Fr. Vince or a designated marriage cou to discuss the inventory.
  3. Gather the Necessary Documents:
    • For Catholics: The party(ies) are asked to secure copies of their baptismal certificates. This must be a current copy requested six months prior to marriage. Simply call the parish of your baptism and ask them to send you a copy of the certificate or have it sent directly to Fr. Vince at the Parish Office.
    • For non-Catholics: If the non-Catholic is a baptized Christian, we will need a certificate or letter from the Church of Baptism verifying the date. If the non-Catholic is not a baptized Christian, no documents are required

Additional Documentation:

  • Fr. Vince will review additional documents with you, including one that states your intention to marry and one stating that you are free to marry. As mentioned, if you are Catholic, please secure a recent copy of your baptism certificate from the church in which you were baptized.
  • If your marriage is a mixed marriage, the Catholic party is asked to sign a form stating that they will continue to practice their Catholic faith and do their best to have the children raised Catholic.
  • Be sure to get a copy of your marriage license from the State of Nebraska.

Preparing for the Marriage Ceremony:

  • You will be given a book, "Together for Life," which will help you prepare for the actual marriage ceremony.
  • After meeting with Fr. Vince, and while gathering your documentation and planning other areas of your wedding, please call our Music Director, Ms. Chris Wolf. She will assist you in planning the music for your wedding. You may chooseby our  to bring in musicians of your own rather than use our musicians, but your music needs to be approved our Music Director who is familiar with local and diocesean expectations.

Wedding Coordination:

     St. Agnes Church employs the use of a Wedding Coordinator. Mrs. Kay Busekist has had many years experience with weddings and is there to assist the couple with their special day. Mrs. Busekist can be reached through the church office and can offer suggestions and guidance from wedding planning through the ceremony.

St. Agnes Wedding Handbook:

With approval from the Liturgy and Parish Councils, the Wedding Handbook for St. Agnes Church gives practical guidance to our expectations for all who are married in St. Agnes Church.  Please contact the office for more information.

St. Agnes Wedding Handbook

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